Arty Martynas Kancleris


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Nationality: Lithuanian
DOB: 1980 March 26
Mobile: +370.686.60.477 LT
Skype: martynas.kancleris
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Updated: 2015 September 20


Sr. DBA | Architect, developer, analyst, administrator

I am the architect of IT solutions based on Microsoft technology stack. I administer and develop Microsoft SQL Server databases putting business logic within database layer. I am responsible for the entire life cycle of the solutions. I analyze client's requirements, design and build prototypes, support end-users. Few solutions are implemented using Navision.

Lots of good stuff to make clients happy.


WorldOne Research

Head of database unit | Architect and developer of ERP system (version 1 and version 2 - "WO2.0")

I started as a one SQL Server specialist within the company and ended my career as a team leader of 8 members' team being head of database unit.

It was the most productive years in my life. The ROI - I gave back to WorldOne - was huge | Return on investment


I designed two ERP solutions solely dedicated to WorldOne's business model - automate almost every single business operation. Both versions were created from scratch.

I analyzed business operations, designed a solution, built the entire system, launched within the company and supported end users.

First version was created using web technologies. At the end of the life cycle I have created couple stand alone applications primarily for maintenance purposes. The ERP solution consisted of intranet and two stand alone applications: browse and samples manager. The entire solution helped company to keep costs of expenses at very low level and helped employees to run projects.

Second version was created using combination of web technologies and stand alone applications. All automated business operations were integrated into stand alone applications. Reporting and dashboards were implemented using web technologies. "WO2.0" (second version) consisted of five main modules: "Browse" - project management tool, "Samples manager" - panel database management tool, "Incentives manager" - incentives management tool, "Intranet" - intranet to display reports and dashboards, Navision - finance management module. Other minor modules were: CATI resources planning, Translations management tool, Templates editor and others. All modules were tightly integrated in order to achieve maximum performance.

Using my three years experience analyzing WorldOne's business operations the second version - "WO2.0" - brought to the company unseen capabilities. The company's revenue skyrocketed. WorldOne started to deliver projects on time with better quality. Clients who visited WorldOne were surprised seeing technical capabilities and things WO2.0 does for the company.

Both solutions were based on Windows platform: SQL server 2000/2005, Windows Servers 2000/2003/2008, ASP classic, C#, Delphi, Navision 3.6/2009. I integrated data collection module - Voxco. I linked ERP solution with Navision.

It is difficult to put 6.5 years in several paragraphs. Let me present all my achievements in the interview


Falck Security (G4S)

Navision programmer, developer of integration solutions | Freelancer

Together with head of IT department I created a solution for the monitoring and security management of Swedbank bank ATMs (cash machines). I was responsible for the development of add-ons for the current business management system based on Navision. I created four integration solutions with major Lithuania banks for the money collection module. I developed a Helpdesk based on open source system. I created two Windows NT services to collect data from external physical devices and report statistics.

A short period of my life gave me the best friends ever


Modules and solutions I created helped the company to automate business operations and make communications smoother. All developments were based on Windows platform: Navision 3.7/3.6, ASP Classic, MySQL, SQL Server 2000, Delphi, COM/ActiveX objects, Web services/SOAP, TCP/IP sockets and Windows NT services. I connected external physical devices. I created separate module to send SMS using SMPP protocol. I developed ActiveX objects to link various web services and exchange data using SOAP protocol.

Probably I had the most interesting solutions developed ever


Sonex Sistemos

Navision programmer | Just a programmer

Together with project manager I developed various business management solutions based on Navision. I was responsible for the Navision programming in each project. I was dedicated SQL Server 2000 technician for the clients who had Navision running on SQL.

Hard work paid back. Good knowledge of accounting and finances brought me to the next level


The solutions we created using Navision were dedicated to make business operations efficient by connecting accounting and business tightly. Almost all projects were created using Navision 3.7/3.6/3.1/2. Integration solutions were done using custom ActiveX modules written by me with Delphi. I participated as programmer in several big projects building ERP solutions for leading companies in Lithuania: SEB bank, SEB lizingas, SEB investicijų valdymas, Falck Security (G4S), Rokiškio sūris, Pieno žvaigždės, Vičiūnų įmonių grupė (Viči). The biggest projects were: Leasing project for SEB lizingas and money collection project - CIT - for Falck Security (G4S).



Fixed Asset management solution developer | Product manager

Together with accounting specialist I developed fixed asset management solution - Turtas 2000. At the end of career in Edrana I was responsible for the product development. My duties were to collect business requirements, implement into the solution, distribute updates and support clients. The solution was part of Edrana's accounting and business management system.

I must say big thanks for having trust in me


The solution was created with Delphi 5/6/7 and Paradox/Interbase/Firebird. I wrote several custom VCL components. The biggest one was DataGrid - sGrid (to display data from database).

In parallel with my primary job I worked on ircA - IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. I developed fast and light IRC client using only Win32. I created a Windows NT service with plug-ins to run IRC bots. I used custom written sockets to access IRC servers.

In 2003 I wrote an article how to subclass menus without hooks (sorry for my English in this article). I am still proud of myself for being able to find neat solutions (like this one in the article)


At free time I created ISAPI extension for IIS server with Delphi 5. The extension collected data from Interbase databases and provided HTML with the list of songs (mp3) I had at that time.


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