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Nationality: Lithuanian
DOB: 1980 March 26
Mobile: +370.686.60.477 LT
Skype: martynas.kancleris
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Updated: 2015 September 20


I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1980. My interest in computers showed early when I was 12 years old. That year my father bought home computer - Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

After spending some time playing games I started to search how I can create computer games. Some successful courses in Basic programming language showed what my life is going to be.

Since then I dedicated all my free time to programming. I wrote couple small games using Basic. In next couple years I have managed to upgrade my home computer to Intel 286. Then Pascal programming language took over Basic.

I experimented by developing resizable dialog boxes with Turbo Pascal and creating some 3D graphic effects. Object Pascal let me create programs for Windows 3.1x. It was lengthy process, but every typed character was worth it. Windows 95 and then I faced unavoidable upgrade of Intel 386 to 486. The day when I saw Delphi 2 turned my world upside down. It was so easy to create a window comparing with Object Pascal.

Then everything started to change quickly. Delphi versions 3, 4 and then 5 appeared in the market. I created several VCL components for Delphi. Few years after I developed first business orientated program for friend's family to register orders and print sales invoices.

In 1998 after finishing the high school (gymnasium) level education I got first job in Edrana. I spent 4 beautiful years. Every year added significant knowledge of Delphi programming language. There I fell in love with Win32. I met RDBS - Paradox, Interbase, Firebird and Sybase and had good time building databases. HTML and ASP had their time too.

In 2002 I made a difficult decision to move to Sonex Sistemos and leave all my known life in Edrana. With big enthusiasm I started to learn Navision. These two years were successful by all means. I got a good understanding of accounting and finances. I participated in various projects for different business. I had opportunity to get familiar with Microsoft SQL Server. I increased experience developing integration solutions using COM/ActiveX and Web services/SOAP, since it was the only way to link Navision with the outer world. 2004 year was fully dedicated to the carrier. Next to the Sonex Sistemos in the evenings I worked in Falck Security (G4S) developing custom Navision solutions.

At the end of 2004 I changed my life third time. I was hired by WorldOne Research as SQL Server specialist. Since the first day I started to offer ideas how to automate companies operations and increase efficiency using IT. WorldOne Research was open to my ideas and let me implement them. After couple years I have started to travel to London. At that time half of my life I spent in London, United Kingdom. Together with CEO - Peter Kirk - we worked closely developing first and second versions of ERP. In WorldOne Research I used various technologies. I implemented business rules within SQL Server. I used Delphi, C#, ASP (classic) to create user interfaces.

In 2005 I met wonderful women - Inga. Couple years later she agreed to marry me.

2010 were incredible. My son was born in March. In May I finished Bachelor degree. I together with partners established HC Opinion at the end of the summer in 2010.

In 2011 we sold HC Opinion to WorldOne Research and I have decided to try myself in other industries.

I spent almost seven years in the market research business seeing the growth of the company. My ideas and developments always were parts of this grow. It makes me to remember those years as most valuable years in my life.

to be continued...



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