Arty Martynas Kancleris


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Nationality: Lithuanian
DOB: 1980 March 26
Mobile: +370.686.60.477 LT
Skype: martynas.kancleris
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Updated: 2015 September 20


SQL Server 2012 : Excellent knowledge | 2 years experience

SQL Server 2008 R2 : Excellent knowledge | 4 years experience

SQL Server 2005 : Excellent knowledge | 6 years experience

SQL Server 2000 : Excellent knowledge | 5 years experience

Since 2004 only SQL Server


Sybase 5 : Moderate knowledge | 1 year experience

Firebird / Interbase : Good knowledge | 2 years experience

Paradox : Good knowledge | 3 years experience

RDBS systems


Excellent knowledge of T-SQL. More than 11 years experience working with SQL Server. 14 years together with RDBS.


link Full list of SQL Server statements used daily

Programming languages

C# .NET4(3.5/3/2) : Advanced knowledge | 5 years experience

VB.NET : Moderate knowledge | 2 year experience

Delphi 7(6/5/4/3/2) : Excellent knowledge | 12 years experience

VB Script: Good knowledge | 2 years experience

I am in love with Win32!


ASP.NET : Moderate knowledge | 3 year experience

ASP classic : Excellent knowledge | 10 years experience

I like ASP classic a lot | Active Server Pages


HTML : Excellent knowledge | 12 years experience

CSS : Advanced knowledge | 7 years experience

XML+XSL : Good knowledge | 4 years experience

JavaScript : Good knowledge | 4 years experience

I prefer stand-alone binary applications against web applications | .exe


Navision 2009(3.7/3.6/3.1/2) : Advanced knowledge | 4 years experience

My favorite third-party ERP


  Experience and skills

Databases : Mission-critical databases of various sizes and complexity. About 1'000 stored procedures, 300 tables created solely by me only for WorldOne Research ERP database. Solutions created by me usually have business rules implemented within SQL Server databases. T-SQL code pedantically aligned and well optimized. One of my favorite tasks is to analyze and optimize databases.

Beit, Gera Dovana, HC Opinion, WorldOne Research | I like huge light flying databases


Windows binary applications & tools : Various stand-alone applications with and without user interface, different capabilities for wide area of purposes. The most recent ones created in WorldOne Research as parts of ERP system. User interfaces are clean, consistent and adapted for advanced users. The programming code is pedantically aligned and optimized for better performance. I never sacrifice quality for the quick programming turnaround time. Early developments made using Delphi programming language and recent ones - C#.

Beit, Gera Dovana, HC Opinion, WorldOne Research, Falck security (G4S), Sonex Sistemos, Edrana


Web applications : The biggest one is intranet for WorldOne Research using ASP classic, Javascript, AJAX based on IIS6. There is couple my own pages, - is one of them. Several solutions were successful created being freelancer.

Gera Dovana, HC Opinion, WorldOne Research, Falck security (G4S), Edrana


Integration solutions : I designed solid solutions to connect separate IT systems. Navision integration with third-party ERP systems and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 connection with the CRM are recent ones. More than half solutions are custom data imports and exports.

Beit, HC Opinion, WorldOne Research, Falck security (G4S), Sonex Sistemos


Web services/SOAP : Export data in XML format. Import data from XML format. Exchange data with third-party ERP systems. Native SQL Server endpoints and custom web services.

Beit, Sonex Sistemos | Navision, Custom solutions


TCP/IP sockets (TCP/UDP) : Communication between separate devices. Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer solutions. TCP and UDP sockets.

Beit, WorldOne Research, Sonex Sistemos | Sockets are the most efficient way to exchange data


COM/ActiveX : Custom COM objects for data exchange between Navision and third-party ERP systems.

Sonex Sistemos


Windows NT services : Custom Window NT services for continuous data collection and monitoring external devices. Constant up time and reliability.

Beit, Falck security (G4S)


AJAX : JavaScript technology to speed-up web pages and make web user interface smoother. Load XML data and display using XSL.

WorldOne Research | Intranet



I love DATA. All my life is - data - huge amounts - gigabytes, terabytes. The impressive thing is to create value out of the data.

I love logic and speed. All my life is to move modified data quickly and make logical predictions. That adds an extra value.

In real life I enjoy collecting data sets, helping people to get value from the data and optimizing their work by providing custom solutions.


DBO: Martynas Kancleris